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 Memories, Memories

Today brought back some memories.

I took a walk to the park where I used to hang.

To my surprise there was the "Old Gang"

We talked and laughed about old times

and spoke of what was on our minds.


Stupid things that we all did.

Keep in mind that we were kids.

Being a nuisance and starting fights.

We all thought that we had the right.


Looking back at yesterday

and all the games we used to play.

Times have changed and so have names.

Yet the "Old Gang" remains the same.


It is now time to break-a-way

from the joys of yesterday.

Just remember the good times

and even the bad.

The happiness and sadness that we all shared.

 About this poem: This poem was written by me during the summer of 1986. That was when I realized that eventually the "Old Gang" would have to seperate and everyone would go their own seperate ways. I am proud to say that fourteen years later some of us are still in constant contact with one another either by telephone, the internet or in person. Good friends are hard to come by. This page is dedicated to all of them. Each one of you know who you are.


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