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Hi everyone. My name is Carlo. I am a female all white American Pit Bull Terrier (Mix, according to my vet) with beautiful black eyeliner. I arrived at my new home when I was 7 weeks old and I was very sickly, I weighed 4.1 lbs. My new parents rushed me to the vet. I was placed on antibiotics due to excessive fluid in my chest. Whoever had me previously was not taking proper care of me. They were feeding me Infamil baby formula which caused all the fluid in my chest.

After my vet visit my new parents brought me home and fed me real puppy food. I enjoyed my first few tablespoons of real puppy food. For the first few weeks I would fall asleep in my little bed and then in the middle of the night I would wake up my mommy and ask to go into her bed. Of course because I was so small and adorable to boot, my mommy would immediately pick me up and place me in the bed. Where I would sleep and sleep and sleep.

I Forgot to mention, I have a BIG sister. Her name is Monte. Let me tell you she is one big sister. I was 4.1 lbs and she was 91 lbs at the time. Now I am 1 year old and weigh 51 lbs and Monte who is 4 years old now weighs 81 lbs. She’s still my BIG sister.

I am an active puppy. I am always on the go. I am also a bit of a trouble maker. I love to get into things that I know I should not. I watch every little thing and if there is an opportunity for me to get into something when no one is looking I go for it.

A Few Things I Have Done

1-One day my mommy was looking for me and could not find me. She checked every room in the house. She even checked inside the kitchen cabinets. She still could not find me. Mommy was on the verge of a panic attack when I shifted my position in the spot where I was very comfortable and mommy spotted me. In a box she was packing in the kitchen

2- Another time my daddy left jelly belly’s on his night stand and when no one was looking, I ate them. Not only did I eat them but I managed to get the bag into the garbage.

3- After dinner one night the family left the dining room and no one noticed that they had left the grated cheese open on the table. Mommy was in the kitchen doing the dishes, daddy went to watch television and my human sister went to her room. Well when mommy finished the dishes and walked into the dining room she discovered me standing on a chair leaning over the table eating grated cheese that was spilled every where.

Those are just a few of my escapades. I am sure there will be more in the future. Hehehe

Some Of My Favorite Things
  • Riding in the car.
  • Chewing on raw hide and pig ears.
  • Stealing Monte's raw hide (Although I have my own piece of rawhide I truly believe that the piece Monte has is better, so I must have it).
  • Taking a bath.
  • Getting into mischief.
  • Chasing birds.
  • Watching squirrels (I can sit there for hours just watching them).
  • Being affectionate.
  • Playing with my Kong as well as stealing Monte's when she is not looking.
  • Taking my vitamins.
  • Chasing the laser pointer.
  • Jumping on my human sis bed
  • Bothering Monte (I just can not help myself).
  • Grabbing leaves off of the ground when it's time to get into the car. I believe that the leaf I grab must travel with us.
  • Grabbing flies or moths in mid air for I know they are going to attack my family and I must prevent this from happening.
  • Having my belly rubbed.

Are you looking at me?

Please visit the site below. When the movie is released purchase it. I know that I am going to.

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