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Welcome to Medusa's page.

Who is Medusa? Medusa is our family's 15 year old Pit Bull/Collie mix breed. She was born on Mother's Day in 1986.

Words that best describe Medusa ........ Intelligent, loyal, friendly, protective (when need be), unique, beautiful and patient.

Many people who have pets will swear to you that their pet is the best. I am well aware that there are some wonderful pets in the world however, I have yet to come across another like Medusa. There are many people who have been fortunate enough to be a part of Medusa's life and they know that what I have to say is the truth. Medusa taught several children how to walk or shall I say guided them when they chose to take their first steps. She accomplished this by holding their wrist with in her mouth to give the children stability. Medusa and I were pregnant at the same time. She gave birth to nine puppies prior to me giving birth to my daughter. When I went in to labor Medusa knew before I did. She laid her head upon my stomach and with each contraction she would look up in to my eyes.


I remember when my daughter was a toddler her Great Grandmother had bought her a doll that cried whenever touched or moved. One day my daughter was playing with her doll and discarded it to go off and play with something else (like all children at that age tend to do). When my daughter went back to play with her doll it was gone. Of course she immediately came crying to me about her doll. I could hear the doll crying I just could not locate it. I searched and searched every where. Finally I stumbled upon it. Are you ready for this? Medusa had the doll and was cuddled up with it attempting to breast feed it. I couldn't believe it. I was so amazed. My biggest regret is that we did not own a cam corder at the time to tape what she was doing.


Medusa has always protected my daughter as though she were my daughter's mother. If we were at the park and my daughter fell, off ran Medusa, straight to my daughters side. If my daughter was crying when Medusa got to her side then Medusa would start barking to get our attention. Meanwhile we were already aware of the situation. To this day if my daughter should go to the store and we are all outside Medusa will stand stone still and stare in the direction my daughter headed until my daughter comes back into her view. If someone should raise their voice to either my husband or I Medusa will immediately be by our side ready to take some form of action whether it be a stern bark to scare the person or a lunge at the person to terrify them. Medusa has never actually attacked anyone to purposely hurt them. She prefers to intimidate people instead.


Medusa is the type of dog (although we do not consider her to be a dog she is a member of the family) that every one who loves dogs dreams about. She is bilingual understanding both Spanish and English. She smiles when she is happy to see you. How you may wonder? Medusa raises her mouth (the area we would consider to be her lips) and shows her teeth while wagging her tail and doing a little dance from one paw to the other.


In January of 2000 Medusa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her vet prefers not to operate because of her age (15 years old this month) and the fact that she has never been under anesthesia. I respect her vet's opinion on this. I can fully understand that he does not want to be responsible if he places her under anesthesia and she does not awaken from it. During the year 2000 Medusa was doing very well. Up until two weeks ago everything has been fine with the exception of the tumors that have grown (at the moment there are two large ones). Two weeks ago Medusa started losing bladder control. Of course I brought her to the vet and she has been placed on antibiotics and some blood test were run. To the amazement of her vet the blood test results came back fine. It turns out that Medusa now has incontinence (loss of bladder control) which there is no cure for. Other then that Medusa still makes it up and down two flights of stairs six to seven times a day and she still plays like a puppy at times. She sleeps a lot more then she used to but that comes with age. She shows no signs of pain or discomfort.

Our family has discussed the situation and we have decided that as long as Medusa is not suffering we will continue to take care of her as best as we can. She has been a loyal member of our family and has always been there for us. God has granted our family a wonderful family member like Medusa who happens to have a determination to live regardless of her circumstances. The same way that she has been here for us, we will be here for her.

This is my page dedicated to the most remarkable & loyal family member I have ever known. God Bless you Medusa.


 June 12th, 2001

Medusa some how opened up one of her tumors and we brought her to the vet this morning. We had to put Medusa to sleep. I am sorry but I really can not write any more at this time for I am an emotional mess.

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