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All midi files contained with in this site http://www.feelingnostalgic.com have been collected over the past few years from the internet and from people kind enough to share them with us. These midi files are and remain copyright to the respective artists/creators. We, at Feeling Nostalgic??? take no credit what so ever for the creation of these midi files. If you believe that one of these midi files is your creation please notify us and be prepared to present proof.

All wav files with in this site http://www.feelingnostalgic.com have been created by the owner of Feeling Nostalgic???. They were converted from the owners personal MP3 library. Please do not directly link to these wav files. A lot of time and effort went into the conversion of these files. In an effort to cut down on bandwidth theft these wav files will be changed often. If you choose to directly link to these files you will eventually end up with a broken link on your web page. All wav files remain copyright to the respective artists.

There are a few graphics with in this site that were collected from the internet and have no information as far as ©copyright. There are some that were taken from other sites and those sites are listed where ever the graphics are used. Last but not least there are some graphics that were specifically made for Feeling Nostalgic??? these graphics either note the ©copyright or a link to the creator on the page that the graphic is on. If you believe we are using a graphic that you created please notify us and be prepared to present proof.

All background sets contained with in this site are ©copyright Kellya1211@feelingnostalgic.com

All graphics are created with the use of the following:

-Adobe Photoshop 7
-Adobe Photoshop CS
-Adobe Image Ready 7
-Adobe Image Ready CS
-Hemera Photo Objects
-Hemera "The Big Box Of Art"
-Corel Print House

Credit must be given to Betty. If it were not for Betty, Feeling Nostalgic??? would not exist. She helped and guided me on many occassions (Not an easy task when I am using Macintosh and she is using Windows). Betty was there to answer my questions (there were many of those ............ there still are). Betty, Thank you so much for your time and expertise. I would place a link to Betty's site here but unfortunately it is temporarily disabled.

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