There is no music playing on this page so that everyone that views it can take a moment of silence to reflect on all the innocent lives lost two years ago.

9-11-03 - Marks the 2nd Year After The Attacks On America

Each and everyone of us changed in some way on that terrible day two years ago.

- Some of us lost loved ones
- Some of us lost loved ones whose bodies have not and will not ever be identified/recovered.
- Some of us lost friends & co-workers
- Some of us lost a sense of security
- Some of us started questioning our faith

There is an old saying "Time Heals Old Wounds". In this case I do not believe this to be true. Two years have passed and I can still recollect 9-11-01 very clearly. The announcement on the television, the visuals of the planes flying into the WTC, the visual of the Pentagon in flames, that feeling of helplessness as people started jumping from the WTC to escape the flames and the smell that lingered in the air for months after the attacks. Too many innocent lives were lost that day because of a senseless act of terrorism and too many people were and still are deeply affected by 9-11-01.

I understand that our Government is doing what it has to do to try to resolve the terrorism issues. However, I feel our Government should honor all of the lives that were lost that day on behalf of the United States Of America by marking 9-11 as a legal holiday. Presidents Washington and Lincoln have a legal holiday (President's Day February 17th) and Veterans have a legal holiday(Veteran's Day November 11th). Presidents and veterans do/did what they have/had to do for our country. The people lost on 9-11-01 died for our country in a horrible way. Some will never even have a proper burial. The least we can do is give them a day. One single day out of every year. A day when all government offices (State & Federal), most businesses & schools are closed. A day that working parents and grandparents can spend with their families. A day that allows the families and friends of the victims of 9-11-01 to mourn with out the worry of missing a day of pay. A day for everyone to mourn in peace for those lost.

To all the families and friends of those lost on 9-11-01, please believe we will never forget.

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