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On this page you will find some memorable moments that occurred in the 60's as well as some moments that you may not have known about. Some interesting stuff here folks. Information is added as it is collected and obtained.


January 1st, 1960 - Johnny Cash (country singer) plays his first of many free concerts behind bars.

January 14th, 1960 - United States Army promotes Elvis Presley to Sergeant.
February 23rd, 1960 - Demolition begins on Brooklyn's Ebbets Field which opened in 1913.

March 4th, 1960 - Lucille Ball files for divorce from Desi Arnaz.

March 5th, 1960 - Elvis Presley ends his 2 years of service in the U.S. Army.

May 19th, 1960 - Alan Freed and eight other DJ's are accused of taking radio pay.

September 30th, 1960 - The Flintstones premieres, it's the first prime time animation show.

November 13th, 1960 - Sammy Davis Jr. (entertainer) marries May Britt (Swedish actress).

February 29th, 1960 - First Playboy club opens in Chicago featuring bunnies.

March 15th, 1960 - Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve is established becoming the first underwater park.

April 17th, 1960 - Eddie Cochran (singer) dies in an auto accident.

October 29th, 1960 - Muhammad Ali's (Cassius Clay) first professional fight against Tunney Hunsaker. Ali beats Hunsaker.

December 16th, 1960 - 134 people die when a United DC-8 and a TWA Super Constellation collide over Staten Island, N.Y.


January 30th, 1961 - Bobby Darin is the youngest performer to headline a T.V. special on NBC.

March 25th, 1961 - Elvis Presley performs live on the USS Arizona.

May 1st, 1961 - The first US airplane is hijacked to Cuba.

May 31st, 1961 - Chuck Berry's amusement park, Berryland, in St. Louis opens it's doors.

August 17th, 1961 - Building of the Berlin Wall begins.

December 10th, 1961 - Dr. Ruth marries Fred Westheimer.

December 31st, 1961 - The Beach Boys first performance.

January 25th, 1961 - Walt Disney's "101 Dalmations" is released.

March 18th, 1961 - The Pillsbury Dough Boy is introduced.

March 24th, 1961 - New York State Senate approves $55 million for a baseball stadium at Flushing Meadows Park, Queens N.Y.

May 22nd, 1961 - Top Of The Needle in Seattle is the first revolving restaurant to open.

July 2nd, 1961 - Ernest Hemmingway (writer) shot & killed himself in Ketchum, Idaho.

July 19th, 1961 - The first in-flight movie is shown on TWA Airlines.

September 21st, 1961 - Earle Dickson (inventor of the Band-Aid) dies at age 68.

September 11th, 1961 - Bob Dylan's first New York performance.

December 13th, 1961 - Grandma (Anna M) Moses (painter) dies at age 101.

December 14th, 1961 - Jimmy Dean's (country singer) "Big Bad John" is the first country song to receive a gold record.


January 4th, 1962 - The first automated (unmanned) subway train runs in New York City.

February 14th, 1962 - First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducts a White House tour on television.

April 16th, 1962 - Walter Cronkite begins anchoring CBS evening news.

July 12, 1962 - The Rolling Stones perform for the first time at the Marquee Club in London.

September 23rd, 1962 - ABC airs it's first color T.V. series "The Jetsons".

December 8th, 1962 - 114 day newspaper strike begins in New York.

February 2nd, 1962 - Eight of the nine planets align for the first time in 400 years.

February 20th, 1962 - John Glenn is the first American to orbit the earth.

March 1st, 1962 - An American Airlines 707 plunges nose first into Jamaica Bay in Queens, N.Y. killing 95 people.

June 25th, 1962 - The Supreme Court rules that New York school prayer is unconstitutional.

August 5th, 1962 - Marilyn Monroe (actress) is found dead of an apparent drug overdose.

September 16th, 1962 - Channel 13 (public television) begins in New York City.

October 1st, 1962 - Barbra Streisand signs her first recording contract (Columbia Records).

December 20th, 1962 - The Osmond Brothers debut on the Andy Williams show.


January 7th, 1963 - First class postage raised from 4¢ to 5¢.

January 11th, 1963 - The first discotheque (The Whiskey-A-Go-Go) opens in Los Angeles, California.

March 21st, 1963 - Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay closes.

March 31st, 1963 - After 90 years Los Angeles ends streetcar service.

April 1st, 1963 - New York City newspapers resume publishing after 114 day strike.

April 1st, 1963 - General Hospital (soap opera) premieres on television.

May 1st, 1963 - James Whittaker is the first American to conquer Mount Everest.

June 17th, 1963 - The Supreme Court rules against Bible reading/prayer in public schools.

July 1st, 1963 - The US Postal Service institutes the (Zone Improvement Plan) zip code.

September 27th, 1963 - At 10:59 a.m. the census clock records US population at 190,000,000.

December 9th, 1963 - Frank Sinatra Jr. is kidnapped.

December 10th, 1963 - Six year old Donny Osmond makes his singing debut on the Andy Williams show.

December 12th, 1963 - Frank Sinatra Jr. is returned after being kidnapped on December 10th, 1963.

November 22nd, 1963 - President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy's assassin) while being transferred from one prison to another was shot by a man named Jack Ruby.

March 5th, 1963 - Patsy Cline (country singer) dies in a plane crash at age 30.

December 14th, 1963 - Dinah Washington (singer) dies of a sleeping pill overdose at age 39.


January 16th, 1964 - The Rolling Stones first tour as a headline act with the Ronettes.

January 18th, 1964 - Plans for the World Trade Center are announced in New York City.

February 12th, 1964 - The Beatles perform their first New York City concert at Carnegie Hall.

March 9th, 1964 - The first Ford Mustang is produced.

April 13th, 1964 - Sidney Poitier becomes the first African-American man to win an Oscar for best actor.

April 22nd, 1964 - The Worlds Fair opens at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, N.Y.

August5th, 1964 - Actress Anne Bancroft & comedian Mel Brooks wed.

November 21st, 1964 - The world's longest suspension bridge "Verrazano Narrows" opens.

December 11th, 1964 - Sam Cooke (singer) "You Send Me" is slain at a motel at age 33.

December 18th, 1964 - During services held for singer Sam Cooke, fans caused damage to the funeral home.

January 14th, 1964 - Jacqueline Kennedy's first public appearance on television since J.F.K's assassination.

December 3rd, 1964 - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" airs on television for the first time.

March 13th, 1964 - Kitty Genovese is stabbed to death in her Queens neighborhood as her neighbors stand by and do nothing.

March 24th, 1964 - Kennedy half-dollar is issued.

May 21st, 1964 - The first nuclear powered light house begins operating in Chesapeake Bay.

July 18th, 1964 - Race riot in Harlem , N.Y.C. Spreads to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

October 1st, 1964 - San Francisco cable cars are declared a national landmark.

October 20th, 1964 - 150 people are arrested during a riot at a Rolling Stones concert in Paris.

November 29th, 1964 - The Roman catholic Church in the US replaces Latin with English.


January 12th, 1965 - "Hullabaloo" premieres on NBC-TV.

February 11th, 1965 - Beatle, Ringo Starr marries Maureen Cox.

March 15th, 1965 - TGI Friday's first restaurant opens in New York.

May 25th, 1965 - Dave Davies of the "Kinks" stumbles and is knocked unconscious while on stage.

July 6th, 1965 - The rock group "Jefferson Airplane" forms.

August 15th, 1965 - The Beatles perform a concert at Shea Stadium.

January 12th, 1965 - A porcupine at the Washington D.C. zoo dies at age 27 - The oldest known rodent.

January 20th, 1965 - Alan Freed (DJ) dies at age 42.

February 15th, 1965 - Nat King Cole (singer) "Unforgettable" dies at age 45.

February 21st, 1965 - Malcolm X is assassinated in N.Y.C. at age 39.

February 1st, 1965 - Peter Jennings at age 26 becomes anchorman of ABC's nightly news.

March 31st, 1965 - US orders the first combat troops to Vietnam.

April 26th, 1965 - New York Worlds Fair opens for a second and final season.

May 11th, 1965 - Ellis Island is added to the Statue Of Liberty National Monument.

May 16th, 1965 - Spagetti-O's are first introduced.

August 31st, 1965 - House Of Representatives join the Senate to establish the Department Of Housing and Urban Development.

October 4th, 1965 - Pope Paul VI becomes the first Pope to visit the Western Hemisphere (UK).

October 28th, 1965 - Gateway Arch (630' high) completed in St. Louis, Missouri.


January 1st, 1966 - A 12 day transit worker strike shuts down New York Cities subways.

January 12th, 1966 - All transit workers return to work.

January 21st, 1966 - Beatle George Harrison marries model Patti Boyd.

June 10th, 1966 - Janis Joplins first live concert takes place at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.

July 1st, 1966 - Medicare goes into effect.

July 5th, 1966 - New York City transit fares rise from 15¢ to 20¢.

November 6th, 1966 - The first entire lineup televised in color on NBC.

November 8th, 1966 - Movie actor Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California.

December 18th, 1966 - Dr. Seuss "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" airs for the first time on CBS.

December 15th, 1966 - Walt Disney (creator of Mickey Mouse) dies of cancer.

January 12th, 1966 - "Batman" starring Adam West & Burt ward premieres on ABC-TV.

March 3rd, 1966 - The rock group "Buffalo Springfield" is formed.

June 6th, 1966 - Claudette Orbison (wife of singer Roy Orbison) dies in a motorcycle accident.

June 27th, 1966 - The first Sci-Fi soap opera "Dark Shadows" premieres.

July 18th, 1966 - Bobby Fuller (singer) "I Fought The Law" is found dead.

September 21st, 1966 - 5" of rain falls on New York City.

November 24th, 1966 - 400 die of respiratory failure & heart attacks due to New York City killer smog.


January 3rd, 1967 - Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys is indicted for draft evasion.

January 6th, 1967 - The "Milton Berle Show" last airs on ABC-TV.

January 18th, 1967 - Albert DeSalvo (Boston Strangler) is sentenced to life in prison.

March 6th, 1967 - Jimmy Hoffa enters Lewisburg Federal Prison.

March 25th, 1967 - The "Who" and "Cream" make their US debuts at Murray The K's Easter Show.

March 31st, 1967 - Jimi Hendrix starts his tradition of burning his guitar.

May 1st, 1967 - Elvis Presley & Priscilla Beaulieu wed in Las Vegas.

May 30th, 1967 - Robert "Evel" Knievel jumps his motorcycle over 16 automobiles.

November 20th, 1967 - At 11 a.m. the Census Clock at the Dept. Of Commerce ticks past 200 million.

December 10th, 1967 - Otis Redding (singer) "Dock Of The Bay" dies in a plane crash at age 26.

May 8th, 1967 - Muhammad Ali is indicted for refusing induction into the US Army.

May 11th, 1967 - 100,000,000th US phone is connected.

June 29th, 1967 - Jayne Mansfield (actress) dies in a car crash at age 34.

June 12th, 1967 - Supreme Court unanimously ends laws against inter-racial marriages.

October 18th, 1967 - Walt Disney's "The Jungle Book" is released.

July 17th, 1967 - The Monkees perform in Forest Hills, Queens N.Y. Jimi Hendrix is their opening act.

October 6th, 1967 - Haight-Ashbury hippies throw a funeral to mark the end of all hippies.


January 1st, 1968 - Evel Knievel fails at his attempt to jump Ceasar's Palace Fountain in Las Vegas.

January 7th, 1968 - First class postage is raised from 5¢ to 6¢.

February 11th, 1968 - Madison Square Garden IV opens in New York.

February 18th, 1968 - David Gilmour joins the rock group "Pink Floyd".

March 1st, 1968 - Singers Johnny Cash (age 36) and June Carter (age 38) wed.

April 4th, 1968 - Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, TN.

June 5th, 1968 - Sirhan Sirhan shoots Bobby (Robert F) Kennedy.

June 6th, 1968 - Bobby (Robert F) Kennedy dies of a result of the shooting on 6/5/68.

June 8th, 1968 - James Earl Ray alleged assassin of Martin Luther King Jr. is captured.

March 15th, 1968 - The US Mint stops buying and selling gold.

April 28th, 1968 - 11 year-old Mary Bell strangles a 4 year-old.

June 1st, 1968 - Helen Keller dies at age 87.

July 15th, 1968 - The soap opera "One Life To Live" premieres.

October 20th, 1968 - Jacqueline Kennedy marries Aristotle Onasis.


January 20th, 1969 - Richard M. Nixon is inaugurated as President Of The United States.

February 8th, 1969 - Last edition of the Saturday Evening Post is published.

February 9th, 1969 - World's largest airplane "Boeing 747" makes it's first commercial flight.

March 12th, 1969 - Paul McCartney marries Linda Louise Eastman in London.
March 20th, 1969 - John Lennon marries Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

May 27th, 1969 - Walt Disney World construction begins.

August 9th, 1969 - Manson Family commits the Tate-LaBianca murders. Sharon Tate (actress) was killed during the Manson Families rampage.

December 1st, 1969 - US government holds it's first draft lottery since WWII.

December 14th, 1969 - The Jackson 5 make their first television appearance on the "Ed Sullivan Show".

January 22nd, 1969 - Judy Garland (actress/singer) "Wizard Of Oz" dies of an overdose at age 48.

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