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Afrika Bambaataa

Considered a pioneer of Hip-Hop? ........ Oh, Yes he is. Where did the name "Afrika Bambaataa" stem from? After watching the movie "Zulu" he took the name "Afrika Bambaataa" ... translated it means "Affectionate Leader".

In the 1970's Bambaataa joined the "Black Spades" gang. His intentions were not to cause trouble. Bambaataa had a passion for buying records. He knew the D.J. Kool Herc was the reigning D.J. at the time however, he also wanted to be a D.J.. In 1976 Bambaataa began playing (mixing). The first record that he released was "Zulu Nation Throwdown, Part One" in 1980.

Before I go on any further about Afrika Bambaataa's contribution to Hip-Hop, let me say that Bambaataa decided to also form his own Zulu Nation after viewing the movie "Zulu". At first he chose to name his crew "The Organization", two years later he renamed it "Zulu Nation". The crew started out as break dancers then expanded to include rappers, deejays and graffiti artists. "Zulu Nation" is still around today and going strong.

In 1982 Bambaataa was part of the first Hip-Hop tour going to Europe. Others in the tour included Fab 5 Freddy, Rammellzee, Grand Mixer DST & The Infinity Rappers, Rock Steady Crew, The Double Dutch Girls and Graffiti artists Futura, Phase 2 and Dondi. Also in 1982 Bambaataa and his group "The Soulsonic Force" (Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Mr. Biggs, Globe, Whiz Kid & Pow Wow) released "Planet Rock", a song that mixed Hip- Hop with Funk. A new sound was created. By 1983 "Planet Rock" and another single "Looking For The Perfect Beat" were taking the world by storm.

Thank you Afrika Bambaataa for all that you have contributed to Hip-Hop and for your creation of the "Universal Zulu Nation"

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