Welcome to my awards recipients page. Below you will find a list of sites that have been presented with an award/awards from "Feeling Nostalgic". Feel free to click on by these sites and view them for yourself.

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American Memorial BaronMom's Colour Of Friends
America Is Mourning Penmarric Cornish Rex
Gypsy Rose's Favorite Things Memnoch's World (Site is disabled)
The Elvis Ghetto Susan's Web Design
Marilyn In Satin In My World (Site is disabled)
Cool Dog's Marilyn Page Seattle Mom's House
Season's Past Samantha's Life And Times
My Misty Rose Greg's House Of Hair (Site is disabled)
Solo's World Kintail To Cape Breton
An Elvis Fan 2001 The Little House On The Corner
The Enchanted Land Of The Phoenix All About Lady Paje
Rocky & Shirl's Home Page Lee Roy Brown 2d/3d Digital Artist
My Happiness (Site is disabled) Jeff & Lola's Homepage (Site is disabled)
Haven Of Dark Blood Believe, Imagine, Dream (Site is disabled)
Gateways Angels (Site is disabled) Now & Forever (Site is disabled)
Elvis King Of Rock N' Roll Grannie Janie (Site is disabled)
Touching Lives With Heartfelt Poetry A Tribute To All Hero's (Site is disabled)
Defend-A-Bull Manuela's Dream (Site is disabled)
Karla's Missing Daddy
Angel In Training Richardson History & Ancestry
Stinalisa In Loving Memory Of Moses Vargas
My Two Little Men The Star Dancers
Heavens Gates - Remembering The 50's Robert Follett's Site
The Grey Wolf's Den Brigitte's Homepage
Angel Heart's Coming Out Of The Dark Dee's Links
Moon Light Lady Ute's New World

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