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I received the following in an email which was written by someone who has explored my site. 

I am a child of the 80's. I'm not ashamed. Perhaps it's just because I was in my youth, my prime, but those years seem so far removed from today.

With the end of the Cold War, we all assumed that the future was golden....but, alas, we still have enemies in the world. AIDS is still with us, becoming more and more of a threat than it was then, or so it would seem. Our kids are shooting up the schools.....why? Who knows? All I know is, that when I walked into my high school in 1982, I walked out with my diploma in 1985 and never once did a bullet richochet across the cafeteria. We didn't need metal detectors and security guards to make us feel safe in the halls; we had no need for ID tags. We had bullies and cliques, but no one ever seriously considered bringing a gun to school because they were being picked on. Those were the days.

The Presidents we had guided us through the decade with wisdom, strength and true leadership. Maybe they weren't always honest, maybe they weren't always looking out for the little guy, but no President is completely honest, and no President always looks out for the little guy. Ronald Reagan and his policies defeated Soviet Communism.....many of Reagan and Bush's economic policies were responsible for the strong economy we enjoyed through most of the 90's.....which Bill Clinton very graciously took credit for. Who was the better leader? Reagan, Bush or Clinton?

I don't recall either Reagan or Bush being called upon to testify at an impeachment hearing.....I don't remember Reagan or Bush being caught bagging interns in the Oval Office. Those men enjoyed the job for itself, and wanted to do it well....Clinton, on the other hand, wanted the power that went with the office; everything else was a means to that end.

When Reagan was being sworn in, in January of 1981, the American hostages in Iran were being flown home....Iran was unsure how Reagan would handle the situation, so they gave in. Bush, elected in 1988, stood firm against Saddam Hussein in Desert Storm. Clinton let the military wither. At the same time he was cutting the defense budget, he was sending our troops on multiple missions to nations around the globe, with no real vision or plan, and there they remain, as problems for the new Bush Administration. Our Presidents were much better, I think.

Our music was better, too.....it was light and fun, all about partying and enjoying yourself. Now they listen to Eminem, Gansta Rap, Marilyn Manson. So much anger, hatred, mysoginy. So much darkness. No morals or social consciousness. We never heard anything like that in our music. Maybe it was bubblegum, or popcorn, but we liked it.

Our TV and movies......ET, Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, the Terminator, Bachelor Party, Footloose, Rambo, National Lampoon's Vacation......Cheers, Cosby, Hill Street Blues, Mr. Belvedere, Who's the Boss?, Square Pegs, The A-Team. They were fun and had quality and meaning. Many shows today suffer from a lack of these things. Shows today that do have quality and meaning are often raved by the critics, but ignored by the viewers. How sad.
I've heard people make fun of the 80's.....our music, TV, fashions.....our leaders. But let me say this.....if I had the ability, I'd go back there in a heartbeat and live it all again. Then, at midnight on December 31st, 1989, I'd start it all over again. I'm not ashamed.
Rob Denham.....a child of the 80's
If any one wishes to contact Rob you may do so by clicking on his name above.

Rob: Many thanks to you for several things
Taking the time to view my site.
Sending me the above with in an e-mail.
For granting me permission to place the above with in my site.
For expressing yourself so vividly & honestly.
Thank You Rob.

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