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You know you grew up in the 1980's if ...

you know what a "Burnout" is.

you know what "Psych" means.

while spending hours at the arcade you actually lined up quarters on the top panel of the game to reserve your spot.

you know that another name for the keyboard is "Synthesizer".

you can name at least half of the members of the elite "Brat Pack".

you wanted to be a "Goonie".

you know who "Max Headroom" is.

you know what "Fresh" means.

you owned an assortment of colored B.V.D's.

you know what a "Head Spin", "Back Spin", "Hand Spin" and the"Brooklyn Up-Rock" are.

you stood in front of the mirror for hours trying to "Pop and Lock". (even got yourself a pair of popping gloves).
you know which cartoon this line comes from ......... "By the power of Grayskull".

you know all the words to "Rappers Delight".

you have attended a "Street Jam".

you owned a pair (or several) of "Chinese Shoes".

you know what a vinyl 45 and 33 1/2 are.

you know that "Doritoes" are much better then "Bravos".

you wouldn't dare drink soda while eating "Pop Rocks".

you used peroxide on your hair to lighten it.

you ever dialed 867-5309 and asked to speak with Jenny.

you owned a "Wind Breaker" or "Jelly Jacket".

Sunday dinner was at a certain time and if you were not there ............. your loss.

you know what "Breaking Night" means.

you knew people who went "Vicking".

you had either of these hair styles, jheri-curls, D.A. with a tail, Shag or Ceasar.

you owned a "Boom Box". The bigger the better.

you know what a "Tag" name is or you had one.

you knew people who went "Tagging".

you remember when the "Cabbage Patch Doll" was introduced to the world.

you know what "Kitt" is ................ Knight Rider.

you know who "Axle Foley" is.

"Ferris Buellers Day Off" is a movie you can watch over and over again.

you wore layered socks.

you wanted to be on "Star Search".

you owned many cassette tapes. (Probably still do.They are hard to part with aren't they?)

you recall hearing about Ozzy Ozborne biting the head off of a bat (During a performance in 1982).

you remember when "Boy George" made his first television appearance and you were unsure of whether or not he was male or female.

(for the guys) any of the following names seem familiar ... Macho Man Randy Savage, Rick Flair, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, King Kong Bundy, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Hulk Hogan & Junk Yard Dog.

you remember when "The Simpsons" were just skits on the "Tracy Ullman Show".

you remember when MTV actually played music videos.

you remember Luke & Laura's wedding.

you remember when Bernard Goetz became known as the "Subway Vigilante".

you remember when Michael Jackson looked human and not like a member of the Planet Of The Apes.

you had "Lee Press On Nails".
you owned Adidas Superstars or Puma's and laced them up with fat shoe laces which you never tied.

you wore a sheep skin (shearling) coat or a leather bomber with fur trim.

you wore a name belt.

Oh boy, remember those big fat earrings and large heavy chains?

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