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Did you know that Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi and passed away on August 16, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee?

Did you know that Elvis weighed 5 lbs at birth and grew to be 6 feet tall?

Did you know that at the peak of his career Elvis weighed 165 lbs and at the time of his passing he weighed about 260 lbs?

Did you know that Elvis's shoe size was 11D and his shirt size was neck 15 1/2-16?

Did you know that Elvis's Motto was TCB which means "Taking Care of Business In A Flash"?

Did you know that Elvis's first cars were a 1951 Lincoln Continental which was wrecked by a band member named Bill Black. A 1940 Cadillac sedan which burned. A 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood four-door known as the infamous pink Cadillac, although before Elvis painted it, it was blue?

Did you know that Elvis belonged to the First Assembly Church of God in Memphis?

Did you know that Elvis's favorite toothpaste was Colgate and his favorite after-shave was Brut ?

Did you know that Elvis's favorite foods were Peanut butter & banana sandwiches, mashed potatoes, burned bacon, grape jelly, cheeseburgers, pork chops, sauerkraut and his favorite drinks were Pepsi Cola and Mountain Valley Water?

Do you know that when Elvis was in his twenties he told Country Song Roundup Magazine that he could eat eight deluxe cheeseburgers, two bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches and three milkshakes in a single sitting?

Did you know that Elvis's favorite hobbies were Go-carting, karate, numerology, reading, gospel singing, touch football?

Did you know Elvis's favorites board games were Yahtzee (the score pads he and Priscilla used are on display at Elvis's Memphis restaurant) and Monopoly?

Did you know that Elvis's favorite collectibles were Official badges. He had police badges from almost every city he sang in and a federal narcotics badge from President Richard M. Nixon?

Did you know that Elvis's second favorite collectibles were Guns. There were nearly 40 weapons of various kinds in the Presley arsenal, including M-16s and other rifles, automatic pistols, derringers and a Thompson submachine gun?

Did you know that Elvis's last girlfriend was Ginger Alden?

Did you know that when Elvis's parents married his Mother Gladys was 21 and his father Vernon was 17?

Did you know that in 1937 Elvis's Father Vernon was convicted of forgery and sentenced to three years in prison?

Did you know that in 1945 at the age of ten Elvis sang on the radio for the first time?

Did you know that Elvis attended L.C. Humes High School in Memphis where he majored in shop, history and english?

Did you know that on July 30th, 1954 Elvis made his debute as a professional entertainer at Overton Park in Memphis?

Did you know that Elvis did not quit his job at Crown Electric until November of 1954?

Did you know that Elvis & Colonel Tom Parker signed their first contract in August 1955?

Did you know that Colonel Tom Parker of Huntington, West Virginia was not who he claimed to be? His real identity is Andreas Van Kuijk from Breda, Holland. This information did not come to light until the early 80's, years after Elvis death.

Did you know that Elvis appeared three times on the Ed Sullivan show and that for his third appearance in January of 1957 Ed Sullivan insisted that Elvis only be filmed from the waist up?

Did you know that Elvis's leading lady (Judy Tyler) in Jailhouse Rock was killed in an auto accident shortly after the principal filming was complete and that her death made it difficult for Elvis to watch Jailhouse Rock? Elvis did not attend the movies preview in Hollywood nor did he attend the premier in Memphis in the fall of 1957.

Did you know that a 1956 special single-issue magazine called "Elvis and Jimmy" shows how closely Elvis Presley and James Dean were linked in the popular imagination?

Did you know that on March 24th, 1958, Elvis was inducted into the U.S. Army at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas and that he was later transfered to Fort Hood, Texas for Basic Training?

Did you know that Elvis's movie "G.I. Blues" was banned in Mexico after fans caused a riot in a Mexico City Theater, ripping out seats and breaking several windows? In addition to banning "G.I. Blues" the Mexican government banned all future Elvis Presley movies.

Did you know that Elvis suffered from an infection during the filming of "Flaming Star"? He had boils on his backside.

Did you know that Elvis was afraid of deep water?

Did you now that Elvis's movie "Viva Las Vegas" was banned on the tiny Mediterranean Island of Gozo for being too explicit?

Did you know that Elvis once stated that Shelly Fabares (singer of Johnny Angel, 1962) was his favorite co-star?

Did you know that Elvis's recording of "My Way" was released in June 1977, two months prior to his death?

Did you know that Elvis's mother had a brief appearance in his movie "Loving You"?

Did you know that in 1971, while Elvis was performing in Las Vegas an anonymous caller got through to his hotel room and warned him that there would be an assassination attempt during that evenings performance? Later that same day Elvis received an International Hotel menu, his picture on the front had been defaced and a handgun had been drawn near his heart. A message included with the menu read, "Guess who and where"? The FBI was called in and Elvis was told he didn't have to perform. Elvis stuck a Derringer in his boot and a .45 in his belt and did the show anyway.

Did you know that Elvis was arrested in 1956 for fighting with a pair of gas attendants in Memphis? Elvis was cleared of all charges.

Did you know that Elvis's last girlfriend's (Ginger Alden) mother unsuccessfully sued the Presley Estate for nearly $40,000, claiming that Elvis had promised to pay off her mortgage?

Did you know that following Elvis's death his father Vernon Presley signed up with an agent and demanded $25,000 for interviews about his famous son? There were no takers. He later sold his son's airplanes.

Did you know that at the time of his death, Elvis had $1,055,173.69 in his checking account?

Did you know that Elvis was buried in a white suit, blue shirt, silver tie and 11-carat diamond ring?

Did you know that according to Patricia Jobe Pierce's highly recommended and exhaustive book "The Ultimate Elvis", Presley's funeral cost $23,789.73?

Did you know that Colonel Parker shocked fans by showing up at Elvis's funeral not in a suit and tie, but in a pullover shirt and baseball cap? When reporters asked the Colonel what he was going to do now that Presley was dead, he replied that he was going to "Keep on managing him", a prophectic remark considering the tens of millions of dollars Elvis would be generating following his death.

Did you know that initially, a spokesperson for the Baptist Memorial Hospital, where Presley's autopsy was performed, stated that Elvis had "The arteries of an 80 year old man" and that his body was "just worn out"? Many in the media were suspicious. A young Geraldo Rivera launched an investigation and was able to get doctors to admit that Presley had died from drugs. Two years later, ABC would air the segment "The Elvis Cover-Up" on their news show 20/20.

Did you know that one of the strangest incidents following Presley's death occurred when a drunk driver intentionally drove his car into crowds of mourners outside Graceland's gates? The incident occurred on August 18th, two days after Presley's death, and claimed the lives of Alice Hovatar and Juanita Johnson, and injured other fans.

Did you know that another bizarre incident occurred when two men, armed to the teeth with M1 carbines, grenades and in bullet proof vest were arrested trying to break into Presley's crypt, allegedly to steal his casket and ransom it? In a stranger twist the two got off when they convinced the jury that they were only breaking into the crypt because they felt it was empty, and that Presley's death was a hoax. Two months later, Presley's body and his mother's were moved the Graceland, where they remain to this day.

Did you know that "DisGraceland" was the name given to an overcrowded house in Hollywood, which was in the punk rock heyday when Presley died? The house occupied by a number of punk upstarts, including the Go Go's & X

Did you know that RCA records sold over 8 million Elvis records the week following Presley's death? Presley's records, along with many new releases of previously unheard music, would continue to sell for years after Presley's death.

Did you know that two and a half years after Presley's death, a die-hard Elvis fan attempted to kill Dr. George Nichopoulos (Elvis's Personal Physician)

Did you know that the drugs found in the King's body after his death were as follows: Morphine, Phenobarbital, Codeine, Quaalude, Valium, Butababital and Valmid? To use Red West quote "Elvis was a walking drugstore."

Did you know that Ultimate Elvis fan Joni Mabe saved one of Presley's townail clippings, and even a wart that was removed from the King, that she keeps in a vial? "They are my most prized possessions." she says. Mabe, who said that people have called and offering her everything from the King's fillings to dabs of his blood.

Did you know that Elvis hated the $2,500.00 gold leaf suit that Colonel Parker had Nudie Cohen design for him?

Did you know that the Mayor and Legislature of Memphis declared Elvis Presley Day on February 25th, 1961?

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