Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds -
Don't Pull Your Love -

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Don't pull your love out on me, baby
If you do, then I think that maybe
I'll just lay me down, cry for a hundred years
Don't pull your love out on me, honey
Take my heart, my soul, my money
But don't leave me here drowning in my tears

You say you're gonna leave, gonna take that big white bird,
Gonna fly right out of here without a single word
But you know you'll break my heart when I watch you close that door
'Cause I know I won't see you anymore


Haven't I been good to you, what about that brand new ring?
Doesn't that mean love to you, doesn't that mean anything?
If I threw away my pride and I got down on my knees,
Would you make me beg you "pretty please"?


There's so much I wanna do
I've got love enough for two
And I'll never use it, girl, if I don't have you

(repeat and fade out)

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