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Welcome to the Elvis Trivia Quiz
Sit back and start reading..... This test will determine exactly how much of an Elvis fan you actually are.
If you score more than 12 correct you are a true Elvis fan
Between 7 and 11 you have heard of Elvis and listened to his music or watched his movies on occassion
Less than 7 you've heard of Elvis and ignored him
Less than 5 ...........You are a hermit, go back to bed.
By the way, you will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Ready ..... Here we go.

1) Which of these actresses did Elvis not date?
A) Natalie Wood
B) Juliet Prowse
C) Connie Stevens
D) Ann-Margret
E) Sandra Dee

2) What company did Elvis drive a truck for?
A)Sun Records
B) Tastee Bread
C) Memphis Auto Parts
D) Crown Electric Company
E) East End Plumbing
3) In which movie did Elvis play a boxer?
A) King Creole
B) Girls, Girls, Girls
C) Roustabout
D) Love Me Tender
E) Kid Galahad
4) What company did Elvis record for?
B) Capitol
D) Tommy Boy
E) Bad boy
5) How much did it cost Elvis for his first record?
A) $250
B) $1200
C) $50
D) $500
E) $4.00
6) What was the first name of Elvis' mother?
A) Priscilla
B) Mary
C) Matilda
D) Agatha
E) Gladys

 7) When was Elvis born?
A) January 4th, 1936
B) August 16th, 1935
C) January 8th, 1935
D) August 16th, 1977
E) January 16th, 1935

8) Who was the owner of Sun Records, who encouraged Elvis' first hits?
A) Puff Daddy
B) Sam Phillips
C) Tom Parker
D) Ed Sullivan
E) Ann-Margret
9) Which one was not an Elvis film?
A) Jailhouse Rock
B) Kissin' Cousins
C) Bye Bye Birdie
D) Viva Las Vegas
E) Love Me Tender
10) Who named Elvis an honorary narcotics agent?
A) Ronald Reagan
B) John F. Kennedy
C) Rosie O'Donnell
D) Richard Nixon
E) Jesse (The body) Ventura
11) What is Elvis' daughter's name?
A) Betty-Sue
B) Priscilla
C) Gladys
D) Carol-Ann
E) Lisa Marie
12) The group of friends which always accompanied Elvis was known as:
A) The Memphis Mafia
B) The Tupelo Trio
C) The Presley Pirates
D) The Graceland Guys
E) The minds of Memphis
13) Where was Elvis stationed most of the time in his army stint?
A) New York
B) Germany
C) Ireland
D) Italy
E) Poland

14) How old was Elvis when he passed away?
A) 50
B) 45
C) 42
D) 44
E) 55

15) What was Elvis' twin brother's name?
A) John Jacob
B) Jesse Garon
C) Fester
D) Vernon Elvis
E) Tom Parker

Now for the answers ... Get ready

1) E - Elvis did not date Sandra Dee.
2) D - Elvis drove a truck for Crown Electric Company.
3) E - Elvis played a boxer in "Kid Galahad".
4) A - Elvis recorded for RCA.
5) E - Elvis paid $4.00 to record his first record.
6) E - Elvis' mothers first name was Gladys.
7) C - Elvis was born January 8th, 1935.
8) B - Sam Phillips encouraged Elvis' first hits.
9) C - Bye Bye Birdie was not an Elvis film.
10) D - Richard Nixon made Elvis an honorary narcotics agent.
11) E - Elvis' daughters name is Lisa Marie.
12) A - The group of friends that accompanied Elvis every where were known as the Memphis Mafia.
13) B - While in the army, Elvis was stationed in Germany.
14) C - Elvis was 42 years old when he passed.
15) B - Jesse Garon was Elvis' twin brothers name.

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