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Hello and welcome to the Elvis Quiz 2. Below are questions that were taken from "This Is Elvis" A T.V. Guide Special Collectors Issue. I converted them all into multiple choice questions. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.

1. Whom did Elvis consider to be his favorite singer?
A - Bing Crosby
B - Nat King Cole
C - Dean Martin

2. Who was Elvis's most frequent leading lady?
A - Juliet Prowse
B - Shelley Fabares
C - Ann-Margret

3. What was Elvis's rank when he left the army?
A - Sergeant E4
B - Sergeant E5
C - Lieutenant E5

4. "I thank God for Elvis Presley. I thank the Lord for sending Elvis to open the door so I could walk down the road" Who said this?
A - Little Richard
B - Bono
C - Melissa Etheridge

5. In how many films did Elvis's character die?
A - One - his first "King Creole"
B - Two - "Love Me Tender & Charro"
C - One - his first "Love Me Tender"

6. Elvis earned more number one pop singles than any other singer. Was his total
A - 15
B - 18
C - 23

7. Among his own movies, which was the King's favorite?
A - King Creole
B - Charro
C - Jailhouse Rock

8. Elvis played characters from all but one of the four armed forces Branches. Which one?
A - The navy
B - The air force
C - The marines

9. What time was Elvis born?
A - 4:35 A.M.
B - 4:35 P.M.
C - 4:36 A.M.

10. "Before Elvis there was nothing" Who said this?
A - John Lennon
B - Eric Clapton
C - Keith Richards

11. How old was Elvis when he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award?
A - 32
B - 36
C - 40

12. Where did Elvis & Priscilla Beaulieu get married?
A - Germany
B - Las Vegas
C - Memphis

13. What was Elvis's favorite brand of bacon?
A - Hormel
B - Jimmy dean
C - King Cotton

14. How many Emmy's did Elvis win?
A - zero
B - two
C - seven

15. In which two films did Elvis play someone rich?
A - Jailhouse Rock & Charro
B - Fun In Alcapulco & Girls, Girls, Girls
C - Clambake & Blue Hawaii

16. In which three films did Elvis play a race-car driver?
A - Viva Las Vegas, Fun In Alcapulco & King Creole
B - Viva Las Vegas, Speedway & Spin Out
C - Speedway, Change Of Habit & Spin Out

Now for the answers:

1. (C)Elvis considered Dean Martin to be his favorite singer.
2 - (B)Shelley Fabares was Elvis's most frequent leading lady.
3 - (B)When Elvis left the army his rank was Sergeant E5.
4 - (A)This quote came from the mouth of Little Richard.
5 - (C)Elvis character only died in one of his films and it happened to be his first one "Love Me Tender".
6 -(B) The total number one pop singles that Elvis had was 18
7 - "King Creole" was Elvis favorite movie among his own.
8 - (C) The marines were the one branch of the service that Elvis never played a character of.
9 - (A) Elvis was born at 4:35 A.M.
10 - (A)This statement came from John Lennon.
11 - (B) Elvis was 36 when he received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
12 - (B) Elvis and Priscilla were married in Las Vegas.
13 - (C) Elvis's favorite brand of bacon was King Cotton.
14 - (A) Elvis did not win any Emmy's.
15 - (C) Elvis played a rich character in both Clambake & Blue Hawaii. 16 - (B) Elvis played a race-car driver in ... Vivas Las Vegas, Speedway & Spin Out.

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