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Here is another e-mail I received from Rob

Yes, the 80's were great.....I still think Molly Ringwald is a hottie.
I was a Reagan man...some people still condemn him and his policies. Every President has his faults, but I really think history will vindicate him.
What about watching "Square Pegs"? One died of AIDS, the other is on HBO, having "Sex in the City". Where are the others?
I miss my ripped Levi's jacket; it was covered in pins. Huey Lewis was on the right breast pocket, the place of honor. My "Ghostbusters" pin was under it.
How many gymbags did I go through? Now it's backpacks. Bought my son a new one last month.....
Eating Little Debbie cakes in Study Hall. I still love Fudge Rounds, but they're a lot smaller now than they were then.
Porky's movies.
Red Dawn.
First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part Two; forget that Rambo 3 crap, even if it was still an 80's movie.
You know, MTV used to be so cool and cutting edge....the ones who told us what we had to wear to be cool, what we had to listen to....now it's just a lot of shallow, self-absorbed bull#%?$ that shows how hollow our society really is. Now all they do is see how far they can push the envelope of teletrash and the promotion of liberalism and left-wing propaganda to the nation's young, impressionable minds. Then, every four years, they do this thing about voting, pretending that they really do have a social conscience.
Does anyone remember when they showed music videos 24-7? Even "Remote Control" was okay. Those were the days.....I wanted my MTV....now, they can stick it where the music don't play.
I loved and really miss the 80's....and, as I'm finding out, there are a lot of others my age who feel the same way.
If there were one thing I could pick to say about that decade as a whole, I would choose Arnold's infamous line from The Terminator....."I'll be back." If only......

Rob Denham.....a child of the 80's
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