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 Let's see just how much of a James Dean fan you really are.
If you get 9 or 10 correct you are definitely a major fan

If you get 4 or 5 correct you have paid some attention to who James Dean was.

If you get 1 correct feel good about yourself.I had to look up some of the information for these questions myself.

You will need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

1) Who played James Dean's father in "Rebel With Out A Cause"?
A) Dennis Hopper
B) Jim Backus
C) Sal Mineo
D) William Hopper
E) Edward Platt
2) What Brand of cigarettes did James Dean smoke?
A) Marlboro
B) Lucky Strikes
C) Chesterfields
D) Pall Mall
E) Camels
3) What was James Dean's mother's name?
A) Mildred
B) Agnas
C) Mabel
D) Gladys
E) Marion
4) How many movies, in total, did James Dean make?
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 9
E) 10
5) When is James Dean's birthday?
A) September 30th, 1931
B) August 4th, 1931
C) February 8th, 1931
D) February 30th, 1931
E) September 8th, 1931
6) What was James Dean's middle name?
A) Byron
B) Sal
C) William
D) Edward
E) Anthony
7) Which movie did James Dean leave uncompleted?
A) "Woman Of Trachis"
B) "The Immoralist"
C) "I Am A Fool"
D) "Rebel With Out A Cause"
E) "Giant"
8) Of the three movies that James Dean starred in he only saw one released ..... which one was it?
A) "The Dark, Dark Hours"
B) "Trouble Along The Way"
C) "Sailor Beware"
D) "Rebel With Out A Cause"
E) "East Of Eden"
9) What kind of car did James Dean drive?
A) Chevy Impala
B) Porche Spyder 550
C) Cadillac
D) Roadster
E) Lincoln Continental
10) In what state was James Dean born?
A) New York
B) Kansas
C) Indiana
D) Texas
E) Idaho

Now for the answers ...

1) Jim Backus played James Dean's father in "Rebel With Out A Cause".
2) James Dean smoked Chesterfields cigarettes.
3) James Dean's mother's name was Mildred.
4) James Dean made a total of ten movies.
5) James Dean's birthday is February 8th, 1931.
6) James Dean's middle name was Byron.
7) James Dean left the movie Giant uncompleted.
8) The only movie that James Dean starred in and saw released was "East Of Eden".
9) James Dean drove a Porche Spyder 550.
10) James Dean was born in the state of Indiana. 

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