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On the evening of October 30th, 2002 the Hip Hop Industry as well as countless fans lost someone who is irreplaceable. Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell), age 37, was murdered in cold blood by a single gunshot wound to his head. At the time of this writing his murderer is still at large.

What can be said about Jam Master Jay that has not been posted elsewhere on the internet, spoken on television or read in the newspapers? People of all ages and nationalities have posted tributes to JMJ. I for one am not surprised. JMJ was an extremely talented man that could cut up beats like no one else.

The music/Hip Hop Industry has lost many talented people over the years (Notorious BIG, Tupac, Alliyah and Lisa (Left Eye) Lopez) among others. However, I do not feel that their deaths made as much of an impact as we are all feeling today over the murder of Jam Master Jay.

After watching the news since the announcement of JMJ's murder along with MTV interviews and any articles I can locate on the internet I have noticed that there is not a single person that has a bad thing to say about JMJ. That counts for something. He was obviously a good man who never forgot where he came from.

To the cold blooded murderer of Jam Master Jay I have to say this ......... You can not simply murder a prominent figure within the Hip Hop Industry and expect to get away with it. If it were up to me I would prefer that you were not arrested and locked up in prison (for everyone's tax dollars would pay to support you). I would prefer that you be placed in the center of all of Run DMC/Jam Master Jay's fans and allow them to show you the real meaning of a beat down. One that you would never walk away from.

11/20/02 - As I expected I have received criticism regarding what I wrote above. I know that violence against JMJ's murderer will not bring JMJ back nor would it be an appropriate form of action. The above was written two days after JMJ's cold blooded murder and I wrote what I actually felt. I am entitled to my own opinion. I wrote what I would prefer to happen if it were up to me. Last time I checked I was still living in a place called America where people are entitled to their own opinions.

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