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Do you remember the vinyl that used to spin 'round
When we danced, at the high school, to the 50's sound?
There was Elvis the king, Buddy Holly, too,
Bill Haley and the Comets; to name just a few.

The girls wore bobbi socks with skirts to their knees,
Hair back in pony tail, and make up to please.
They all looked good while doing their thing,
Up and dancin' while hearing Fats sing.

Going to the movies, while out on a date;
The early showing, you dare not be late.
You sat through the movie, just holding hands.
That was 'bout all the parents could stand.

The drive-in movies were special, indeed.
But, to get there, a car was always in need.
If you or a friend could swing such a thing
Then, Elvis took back seat 'cause, you were the king.

Going steady with someone was all the big rave.
While it cost you money, you'd sure have to save.
Allowance was small for a big time kid.
Borrow from your friends is all that you did.

Strings of yarn on a ring was a common sight,
Was the only way the ring would fit tight.
It was worn to say that the true love they'd found
Had best not get caught, if foolin' around.

The hay rides, sleigh rides, and car rides, too;
Hot steamy romance could be waiting for you.
Come Monday morning, we're all back in class;
Wishing that week ends, forever, would last.

Poem used with permission and written by ©Valentyne Lang

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