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This is a quiz to see how much of a Marilyn Monroe fan you are. If you get eight or more correct you are a true Marilyn Monroe fan or you went to my Marilyn Monroe page, read it and took notes.

If you get four or five correct you have heard of Marilyn Monroe and paid some attention.

If you get one or two correct, you've obviously heard of Marilyn Monroe and neglected to read my Marilyn Monroe page.

You will need a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

1) What were Marilyn Monroe's favorite colors?
A) red, white, blue and purple
B) green, yellow, orange and pink
C) white, red, beige and black
D) turqoise, hot pink, black and yellow
E) purple,pink, baby blue and white
2) What was Marilyn Monroe's birth name?
A) Marilyn Baker
B) Norma Jeane Baker
C) Norma Jeane Monroe
D) Norma Jeane Mortensen
E) Marilyn Mortensen
3) Marilyn Monroe was married and divorced three times.What were her three ex-husbands names?
A) Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope
B) Joe DiMaggio, G. Stanley Gifford and John F. Kennedy
C) Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller and Jim Dougherty
D) Arther Miller, Jim Dougherty and G. Stanley Gifford
E) G. Stanley Gifford, Joe DiMaggio and Jim Dougherty
4) How old was Marilyn Monroe the first time that she wed?
A) 15
B) 19
C) 17
D) 14
E) 16
5) What was Marilyn Monroe's mother's name?
A) Gladys
B) Norma Jeane
C) Ophelia
D) Marilyn
E) Sarah
6) How long was Marilyn Monroe married to Joe DiMaggio?
A) four years
B) nine months
C) nine years
D) five years
E) five months
7) What was Marilyn Monroe's favorite perfume?
A) White Shoulders
B) Poison
C) Chanel No. 5
D) Tiffany
E) Opium
8) How many movies did Marilyn Monroe make?
A) 31 completed and (1) unfinished
B) 30 completed and (1) unfinished
C) 30 completed and (4) unfinished
D) 27 completed and (1) unfinished
E) 30 completed and (2) unfinished
9) When is Marilyn Monroe's birthday?
A) June 19th, 1942
B) August 4th, 1962
C) October 27th, 1954
D) August 4th, 1926
E) June 1st, 1926
10) What was Marilyn Monroe's father's name?
A) Arthur Miller
B) Jim Dougherty
C) C. Stanley Gifford
D) Jim Gifford
E) Arthur Dougherty 

Now for the answers ...

1) Marilyn Monroe's favorite colors were white, red, beige and black.
2) Marilyn Monroe's birth name was Norma Jeane Mortensen. She was later baptised Norma Jeane Baker.
3) Marilyn Monroe's three ex-husbands names were Joe DiMaggio, Arther Miller and Jim Dougherty.
4) Marilyn Monroe was sixteen the first time that she wed.
5) Marilyn Monroe's mother's name was Gladys.
6) Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married for nine months.
7) Marilyn Monroe's favorite perfume was Chanel No. 5.
8) Marilyn Monroe made a total of 31 movies leaving one unfinished.
9) Marilyn Monroe's birthday is June 1st, 1926.
10) Marilyn Monroe's father's name was C. Stanley Gifford.

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