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Two years ago, a friend of mine
Asked me to say some MC rhymes
So I said this rhyme I'm about to say
The rhyme was Def and it went this way .............

 Run - (born Joseph Simmons, November 24, 1966)

D.M.C - (born Darryl McDaniel , May 31, 1964)

Jam Master Jay - (born Jason Mizell , January 21, 1965) - Murdered October 30th, 2002

Took a test to become an MC
And Orange Krush became amazed at me
So Larry put me inside, his Cadillac
The chaffeur drove off and we never came back

 With out a doubt they deserve the title of "The Kings of Rap". Yes, prior to Run-D.M.C there were other rap groups and singers. There were Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, The Sugarhill Gang, Whodini, Spoonie Gee, Treacherous Three, Funky 4 + 1, Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel and the list can go on. These singers and groups left impressions however, none left as much of an impact as Run D.M.C. Natives of the middle-class New York borough, Hollis, Queens (Queens in the house). In 1983, Run-D.M.C. released its first single, "It's Like That" / "Sucker M.C.'s," on Profile Records. Both songs were and still are incredible. At that time, 1983, Run- D.M.C brought a new style to Hip Hop. Hard beats and over lapping vocals, thick gold rope chains & Adidas sneakers. They were the first rap group to earn a gold album (1984 Run - D.M.C). The first to earn a platinum album (1985 King Of Rock). The first to go multi-platinum (1986 Raising Hell). They were also the first to have their videos appear on MTV, the first to appear on American Bandstand and to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Not bad for three childhood friends from Queens.

  Dave cut the record down to the bone
And now they got me rockin' on the microphone
And then we talkin' autographs, and here's the laugh
Champagne, caviar, and bubble bath
But see ahh, ah that's the life, ah that I lead
And you sucker MC's is who I bleed
So take that and move back catch a heart attack
Because there's nothin in the world, that Run'll ever lack
I cold chill at a party in a b-boy stance
And rock on the mic and make the girls wanna dance
Fly like a Dove, that come from up above
I'm rockin on the mic and you can call me Run-Love


  I got a big long Caddy not like a Seville
And written right on the side it reads 'Dressed to Kill'
So if you see me cruisin' girls just move or step aside
There ain't enough room to fit you all in my ride
it's on a, ah first come, first serve basis
Coolin out girl, take you to the def places
One of a kind and for your people's delight
And for you sucker MC, you just ain't right
Because you're bitin all your life, you're cheatin on your wife
You're walkin round town like a hoodlum with a knife
You're hangin on the ave, chillin' with the crew
And everybody know what you've been through

The following is a list of Run -D.M.C.'s albums and the songs that they contain ...


RUN D.M.C - 1984

Hard Times

Rock Box

Jam-Master Jay

Hollis Crew

Sucker M.C.'s

It's Like That

Wake Up

30 Days

Jay's Game


King Of Rock - 1985

Rock The House

King Of Rock

You Talk To Much

Jam-Master Jammin'

Roots, Rap, Reggae


Raising Hell - 1986

Peter Piper

It's Tricky

My Adidas

Walk This Way

Is It Live


Hit It Run

Raising Hell

You Be Illin'

Dumb Girl

Son Of Byford

Proud To Be Black


Tougher Than Leather - 1988

Run's House

Mary, Mary

They Call Us Run - DMC

Beats To The Rhyme

Radio Station

Papa Crazy

Tougher Than Leather

I'm Not Going Out Like That

How'd Ya Do It Dee

Miss Elaine

Soul To Rock And Roll



Back From Hell - 1990

Sucker D.J.'s

The Ave

What's It All About

Bob Your Head


Kick The Frama Lama Lama


Word Is Born

Back From Hell

Don't Stop

Groove To The Sound

P Upon A Tree


Livin' In The City

Not Just Another Groove

Party Time


Together Forever - Greatest Hits - 1991

Sucker M.C.'s

Walk This Way

Together Forever

King Of Rock

Run's House

It's Tricky


You Be Illin'

My Adidas

Here We Go

Rock Box

The Ave

Hard Times

Beats To The Rhyme

Jam-Master Jay

Peter Piper

It's Like That

Christmas In Hollis


Down With The King - 1993

Down With The King

Come On Everybody

Can I Get It, Yo

Hit 'Em Hard

To The Maker

3 In The Head

Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do

Big Willie

Three Little Indians

In The House

Can I Get A Witness

Get Open

What's Next

Wreck Shop

For 10 Years


Crown Royal - 2000?????

Crown Royal


The Beginning

Scream For your Life

It's Tricky

Here We Go Again

I Poppi


T'em Girls

Take The Money And Run

  Ah with the one two three, three to two one
My man Larry Larr, my name DJ Run
We do it in the place with the highs and the bass
I'm rockin to the rhythm won't you watch it on my face
Go Uptown and come down to the ground
You sucker MC's, you sad face clown
You five dollar boy and I'm a million dollar man
You's a sucker MC, and you're my fan
You try to bite lines, but rhymes are mine
Youse a sucker MC in a pair of Calvin Kleins
Comin' from the wackest, part of town
Tryin to rap up, but you can't get down
You don't even know your english, your verbs or nouns
You're just a sucker MC you sad face clown
So D.M.C. and if you're ready
The people rockin steady
You're drivin big cars get your gas from Getti


 I'm D.M.C. in the place to be
I go to St. John's University
And since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge
And after 12th grade I went straight to college
I'm light skinned, I live in Queens
And I love eatin chicken and collard greens
I dress to kill, I love the style
I'm an MC you know who's versatile
Say I got good credit in your regards
Got my name not numbers on my credit cards
I go Uptown, I come back home
with who? me myself and my microphone
All my rhymes are sweet delight
So here's another one for y'all to bite
When I rhyme, I never quit
And if I got a new rhyme I'll just say it
Cause it takes a lot, to entertain
And sucker MC's can be a pain
You can't rock a party with the hip in hop
You gotta let em know you'll never stop
The rhymes have to make (a lot of sense)
You got to know where to start (when the beats come in...)

 This is my page dedicated to the "King's Of Rap". They started out in the 1980's and are standing right beside us in the year 2000.

October 31st, 2002

Last night it was announced on the 10:00 P.M. news that Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) had been fatally shot at a recording studio in Jamaica, Queens (New York). This morning the news stated that Jam Master Jay had been shot in the head and died at the scene (His murderer is still unknown). This is a horrible tragedy and a major loss to the hip hop world. My thoughts & prayers go out to the Mizell family as well as Run, DMC and the hip hop industry.

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