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Welcome to my page dedicated to one of the most prominent child stars in the history of film ............ Born April 23rd, 1928, Shirley Jane Temple.

Shirley Temple captured the hearts of many with her acting skills and her dancing & singing talents. Not to mention how adorable she was. She spoke with a little lisp that caught your attention and when she pouted it made you want to reach out and comfort her. By the time she was six years old, Shirley was a movie star. Below is a list of Shirley Temple movies.

  1993 - Hollywood Collection: Side One, Shirley Temple - America's Little Darling; Side Two, Hollywood's Children  

  1991 - Hollywood's Children  

  1990 - Shirley Temple Scrapbook

1988 - The Rose Parade: Through the Years  

1984 - Gotta Dance, Gotta Sing 

  1972 - Painting the Town

1962 - The Sound of Laughter  

1960 - Shirley Temple Storybook Theater

1960 - 11th Annual Emmy Awards

1960 - Land of Oz 

1949 - The Story of Seabiscuit 
     aka Pride of Kentucky  

1949 - Adventure in Baltimore 

1949 - Almost a Bride 
     aka A Kiss for Corliss

1949 - Mr. Belvedere Goes to College 

1948 - Fort Apache 
     aka War Party Actor (Starred in) 

1947 - The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer 
     aka Bachelor Knight (Starred in) 

1947 - Honeymoon  

1947 - That Hagen Girl 

1945 - Kiss and Tell  

1944 - Since You Went Away (Starred in) 

1944 - I'll Be Seeing You 

1942 - Miss Annie Rooney 

1941 - Kathleen  

1940 - The Blue Bird  

1940 - Young People   

193? - Comedy Festival, No. 3: Langdon, Temple  

193? - Funstuff  

193? - Get Happy

193? - From Broadway to Hollywood  

1939 - Susannah of the Mounties 

1939 - The Little Princess  (Starred in) 

1938 - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Starred in) 

1938 - Just Around the Corner (Starred in) 

1938 - Little Miss Broadway (Starred in) 

1937 - Wee Willie Winkie  (Starred in) 

1937 - Heidi   

1936 - Stowaway  (Starred in) 

1936 - Dimples   

1936 - Captain January  

1936 - Poor Little Rich Girl  

1935 - The Little Colonel  (Starred in) 

1935 - Our Little Girl   

1935 - Curly Top  

1935 - The Littlest Rebel  (Starred in) 

1934 - Carolina   

1934 - Change of Heart   

1934 - Baby, Take a Bow   

1934 - Stand up and Cheer 

1934 - Mandalay 

1934 - Bright Eyes 

1934 - Now and Forever  (Starred in)

1934 - Now I'll Tell   

1934 - Little Miss Marker 
     aka Girl in Pawn  

1933 - Shirley Temple Baby Berlesques  

1933 - To the Last Man   

1933 - Out All Night   

1933 - Kid 'n' Hollywood and Polly Tix in Washington 

1933 - Shirley Temple Festival 

1932 - The Red-Haired Alibi   

1932 - Glad Rags to Riches 

1930 - Funny Guys and Gals of the Talkies

Shirley Temple's career in the movie business lasted approximately nineteen years. In 1945 Shirley married John Agar they divorced in 1949. Together they have a daughter, Linda Susan. In 1950 Shirley married her second husband, Charles Black and retired from show business for some time. Charles and Shirley have two children together Charles Alden Black Junior & Lori Alden Black. In the late 1950's, early 1960's Shirley appeared on television in "The Shirley Temple Storybook" & "The Shirley Temple Show". In 1967 Shirley ran as a Republican candidate for the Congress Of The United States, she was unsuccessful. However, Shirley was a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations (1969-1970), was U.S Ambassador to Ghana (1974-1976), Became the first woman in history to serve as chief of Protocol (1976-1977) and she served as Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (1989-1992).

 If you have read this far and have seen some of the other pages within my site, I am sure you are asking yourself what does Shirley Temple have to do with the fabulous fifties or the energetic eighties? If you are someone that knows me you have probably caught on by now. If not ...... here goes.

For as far back as I can remember people have been calling me Shirley Temple. Over time it has dwindled however, there are still several people that refer to me as Shirley. Take a look at the pictures below. What do you think?

Can you tell the difference? There is a strong resemblance.

This is my page dedicated to Shirley Temple. Photo below is Shirley Temple with her dog Sparky.

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