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Wonder Mike (Mike Wright)
Big Bank Hank (Henry Jackson)
Master Gee (Guy O'Brien)
Kory O (replaced Master Gee)

Clap your hands everybody and everybody just clap your hands
Fly girls clap your hands, Fly guys clap your hands
Well if your feelin' alright and you think your on
somebody let me know well everybody in the place put a whistle to your face scream it out and say "Yo HIT IT" You don't stop like the rhythm that makes your fingers pop
I said Hip Hop thanks a lot Come on everybody give me what ya got
I'm gonna tell ya a little story 'bout the Sugar Hill Gang with a pow pow boogie and a big bang bang.

The day that Sylvia Robinson walked into a Pizza Shop and heard a club bouncer (Henry Jackson) singing along to a tape of the "Cold Crush Brothers" (A Bronx Crew) was the day that the "Sugar Hill Gang" was born. Sylvia Robinson liked what she heard and asked Henry Jackson if he would be interested in joining a group that she was trying to form. The group was going to be called the "Sugar Hill Gang" after her new label and her old stomping grounds. Henry said that he would be interested and became part of a trio of Rappers who would take the world by storm and make history.

October 1979, "Rapper's Delight" is played on the radio for the first time. The record starts selling at 50,000 to 60,000 copies per day and went platinum by the end of the month. Upon hearing "Rapper's Delight" for the first time Grandmaster Flash kept asking himself "The Sugar Hill who?? Who are these people??" (Courtesy of The Sugar Hill Records Story)

Sugar Hill Records was a New Jersey based label and the Sugar Hill Gang was a New Jersey based group. This irritated the New York pioneers - That the first rap record should be from a New Jersey group on a New Jersey label. The New York pioneers felt that if given the chance, that could've been their song.

Albums by the Sugar Hill Gang
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Rapper's Delight - September 1979
Rapper's Reprise - February 1980
Hot Hot Summer Day - July 1980
8th Wonder - November 1980
Apache - November 1981
The Lover In You - June 1982
The Word Is Out - February 1983
Kick It Live 9 To 5 - July 1983
Girls - September 1984
Livin' In The Fast Lane - April 1984
The Down Beat - July 1985
Funk Box - Promotional copy released 1982
Troy - N/A
Work, Work The Body - February 1985
Showdown - The Furious Five Meets The Sugar Hill Gang - May 1981

For those of you out there that do not know this, "Rapper's Delight " is a 14 minute and 37 seconds long song. Between the lyrics, the trio singing it and the length, it's no wonder the song is a huge part of Hip-Hop history

Time to give credit where credit is due....

Betty (My sister-in-law): I waited until now to give you the credit that you so rightfully earned because I know that you like the Sugar Hill Gang just as much as I do. I know that I have thanked you a million times for all your guidance. However, I honestly wouldn't have a web site if it weren't for you and your talent. Thank you so much for your time, your patience, hooking up my banners and all the cropping that you have done for me. Now you will be free of cropping since I now have my own photo program. Don't fret though I will still need your guidance concerning other things. Your the BEST.

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