Sam Cooke - Twisting The Night Away

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Midi playing "Twisting The Night Away" by Sam Cooke. To download midi click on title.
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Let me tell ya 'bout a place
Somewhere up a New York way
Where the People are so gay
Twistin the night away

Here they have a lot of fun
Puttin' trouble on the run
Man you find the old and young
Twistin' the night away

Twistin, twistin, twistin the night away
Everybody's feeling great
They are Twistin' twistin'
Twistin the night away

Here's a Man in evenening clothes
How he got here I don't know, but
man, you oughtta see him go
Twistin' the Night away

He's dancing with the chick in slacks
She's a-moving up and back
Oh Man, there ain't nothing like
Twistin the night away

They're twistin. twistin, twistin,
Everybody's feeling great
They're twistin, twistin
They're twistin the night away

Let's twist a while, Feet up, feet back
Watusi, now fly, now twist
They're twistin the Night away

Here's a feller in blue jeans
dancing with the older queen
who's dolled up in a diamand rings
Twistin' the night away

Man you oughtta see her go
Twistin' to the Rock and Roll
Man you find the old and young
Twistin' the night away

Let's twist a while, feet up, feet back
Watusi, ? no twist etc.

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