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Hello and welcome to "The Ultimate 80's Story". This story is made up from song titles of the 1980's. Clicking on a Song Title link will bring you to a page containing the lyrics and midi file for the song with a brief bio on the artists. Use your back button to return to this page.

Jack & Diane arrived at Obsession. A club in the South Bronx that was Almost Paradise. Mickey met them at the door. He spoke a little Square Biz to them and then invited them to join the Celebration inside. It was a Manic Monday night at the club. Diane couldn't believe her eyes, the club was Raining Men & the Sound Of The Crowd was deafening. There were even people Dancing On The Ceiling. Jack & Diane followed the glow-in-the-dark White Lines on the wall which led to the bar. Jessie's Girl was tending bar. "Hello", What can I get cha?" She asked. They ordered Brass Monkey and went to look for a table. Joanna arrived a half hour later. "Here I Am" She announced as she placed her drink on the table. "Oh, La, La, La Let's Go Dancing. I Wanna Have Some Fun. Let's Shake It Up in here." She yelled as she dragged Diane onto the dance floor. Joanna started to dance like a Super Freak doing the Neutron Dance and shouting "Everybody get Into The Groove, Everybody Have Fun Tonight." Diane sarcastically told Joanna that she looked like a real Smooth Operator. Joanna responded with "Must Be The Music. I'm Always Looking For The Perfect Beat. Gloria, Amanda & Billie Jean joined them on the dance floor. All three were doing the Safety Dance & shouting "We Got The Beat." It was beginning to look like Ladies Night and as it goes Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Suddenly someone grabbed Diane and with a Careless Whisper in her ear said "Come On Eileen. You Can Call Me Al. Let's Dance." Diane let out a Shout "Let Me Go". Jack saw what was going on and approached Diane on the dance floor with Open Arms & The Look Of Love. Jack then turned to Al "You Wanna Take Me On. The Girl Is Mine so just Beat It. Then he gave Al The Look. Al shook his head and backed away. "Take It Easy On Me. I didn't know I entered the Danger Zone." He then turned around and went off Dancing In The Dark and mumbling to himself "Some Guys Have All The Luck." Diane turned to Jack and Straight From The Heart told him "You know there's Something About You when you show your True Colors you Take My Breath Away. That guy must have been Oblivious." Jack nodded and said "I wasn't going to allow him to Break My Stride. He's just some Maniac, a Lonesome Loser." He then lowered his head and kissed Diane. "I Love You." Diane replied "I'll Always Love You." She then looked at her watch and noticed the Time had flew by. "Let's You & I go to Our House." She suggested to Jack. They approached their friends "Goodbye." As they walked away Joanna called out "Call Me, We can go shopping."

As Jack & Diane walked through the parking lot they passed a lot of Cars. Their Blue Eyes locked on one specific vehicle. "Just Between You & Me that is one Bitchin' Camaro, She's A Beauty." Jack stated. They both stood there looking at the Camaro for the Longest Time. Who could blame them they both had Hot Rod Hearts. They finally got into Jack's Little Red Corvette which was a Fast Car and started their Drive home. Jack took the Boulevard most of the way. It was a Long Way Home. Diane took notice of all the street signs. Holiday Road & Electric Avenue caught her attention because there was a complete row of Pink Houses in that area. "I can feel The Rain In The Air Tonight." Diane said. As they passed the Borderline into Allentown the rain poured down on the car. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Then Jack heard Diane mumble "Here Comes The Rain Again. There's nothing better then Life In A Northern Town." "Relax." Jack replied. "We'll be at our Love Shack before you know it. Besides you know how I Love A Rainy Night." Diane gave No Reply At All. She just stared out Into The Night Waiting For A Star To Fall but there was not one Shining Star, No Eye In The Sky.She was tired. She felt that she had lived Life In One Day.

Jack awoke her when they arrived home. You'll never believe in Your Wildest Dreams there was Somebody standing in the Back Yard. It was the Old Man Down The Road. Diane went into the house. "Hey Matthew." Jack called out as he approached the old man. Noticing that Matthew was shaking from Head To Toe. "Is There Something I Should Know?" The old man faced Jack "I've been Up All Night. The Search Is Over. I Think I'm In Love, So In Love." He responded. "She's a wonderful Woman. I'm taken in by her Bette Davis Eyes. She makes me feel So Alive." Jack smiled and asked "So who is this Modern Day Delilah?" With a smirk on his face and a sparkle in his everyday Sad Eyes the old man said "At This Moment she's All I Need. Her name is Veronica, she's a Stranger In Town. She moved here from Africa." Jack nodded and said "I am sure that she's as Crazy For You as you are for her." Matthew placed his hands on his head. "Jack, I'm going to Go Insane. You know that Sara is my Heart And Soul. Whenever I turn around there is Always Something There To Remind Me of her. Which is not a bad thing." Matthew shook his head back & forth. "But she is no longer with us. Dear God I can hear her voice in my head. Matthew Don't You Forget About Me. Never, Never The old man thought to himself. "On the other hand Veronica is here and She Drives Me Crazy. I just Can't Fight This Feeling. I Never Knew Love Like This Before." Jack tapped Matthew on the back. "I Feel For You. Man Why Is It So Hard?" Matthew turned to Jack "That's What I Like About You, your so understanding." He started walking away. "Jack thanks for lending me your ear. Have a Goodnight."

Jack entered the house and was sure to Close the door silently. The phone rang Who Could It Be Now? Jack picked up the phone "Hello." A voice on the other end "Is Vic There?" Jack replied "No man, You have the wrong number." Then he hung up the phone. He then entered the bedroom where Diane was already Behind The Walls Of Sleep. He laid down in bed beside her and When The Lights Went Out & he closed his eyes there was nothing but Sweet Dreams.

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