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Below you will find some statements referring to Elvis which were made by famous people. Do you have any idea who made these statements?

*Who said "In the 50's Elvis came to one of my shows in Memphis, at the city auditorium. You could have lit a cigarette from him - that's how hot he was. The money from the show went for Little League baseball uniforms and stuff for the children of Memphis, black, white and otherwise. (Elvis) was into that. They call him The King, and I agree." - B.B. King

*Who said "Elvis was the equivalent of Johnny Rotten. When he was playing live in his early days, he would go out on stage with these Country & Western singers and spit his gum out in the crowd. That's why I like to think of him in the years before he went into the army - when he was the Sex Pistols and the Ramones all rolled into one." - Joe Perry, Aerosmith

*Who said "In 1982 I went to Elvis's gravesite, and I remember taking out a guitar pick that had my name embossed on it, and I laid it down on Elvis's grave. (My band) went on our way, and the next day we got a phone call that our single (I Love Rock N' Roll) was moving (up the charts), and before we knew it, it was number one. I really felt that Elvis had something to do with that." - Joan Jett

*Who said "They have these tapes that you listen to as you walk through Graceland. You are standing in their living room, and Priscilla tells you what Christmas was like there, and you can totally picture it. Then you head back to the jungle room and listen to some candid recording sessions. You can tell that Elvis had thrown back a couple of brews, and everybody was in a party mood. It was an eerie feeling for me." - Sheryl Crow

*Who said " When I think of Graceland, I think of that enormous sofa. Let's just say he was a creature-comfort pioneer. He had a custom made sofa, this "El Grande" supersofa. The guy knew how to live ...Until he died." - Bridget Fonda

*Who said "When my record (Halfway To Paradise) came out, I was sixteen. I got a letter from Elvis (who) said "I love your song and the song went right into my jukebox". I felt like I had won a grammy. I loved Elvis's style and tried to emulate him. I tried to look like him, do my hair like him and even had the lip turned up like he did." - Tony Orlando

*Who said "Elvis opened the door for singers younger than 30. Prior to him, young singers weren't taken seriously. I am proud to say Elvis & I were dear friends. I met him in 1965 when I was (appearing on) Bonanza and he was shooting a movie at Paramount. We were dating the same girl (dancer - Sandy Ferra) and didn't even know it." - Wayne Newton

*Who said "I first saw Elvis at the Armory in Albuquerque in 1956. It was the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I did a session with him for "Viva Las Vegas" around 1964. I was a studio guitarist, and it was great fun. (When I found out he died) I pulled my car around and cried. I miss him. I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of him" - Glen Campbell

*Who said "We got to know each other in the days that I was working at the Riviera in Las Vegas and he was up the street at the Hilton. One night, he came on stage during my show and recited a poem, and then presented me with a "lucky chain" which I gather he gave to people he considered special. I thanked him and then asked him if I could borrow his hair." - Don Rickles

*Who said " I met Elvis when he came to the White House to meet Nixon. (I was) having lunch with my father, who was working there. We were sitting in the White House mess and he said "I think Elvis is sitting behind you." I said to Elvis "I've loved you since 1956." He said "Thank you very much." It was a shock, like (meeting) Santa Claus." - Ben Stein

*Who said "Is Elvis still relevant? Of course. That's like asking if language is still relevant." - Vince Vaughn

**Who said "Two thousand years from now they'll still be hearing about Elvis Presley." - Wolfman Jack

**Who said "Elvis died because the insane fame drove him to it. Then he became a legend and a martyr." - Rick Nelson

**Who said "I remember after Elvis died, Marlon Brando did an interview, I think in "Playboy magazine" and he was so rude. But now I remember because it's so ironic - He called Elvis bloated and over-the-hill." - Carmen McRae

**Who said "His music and his personality, fusing the styles of white country and black rhythm and blues, permanently changed the face of American pop culture.Elvis Presley's death deprives our country of a part of itself. He was unique & irreplaceable." - President Jimmy Carter, who was in office at the time of Elvis's death.

**Who said "Elvis was the greatest entertainer who ever lived." - Eddie Murphy

**Who said "The things he created during his career are really something important." - Bing Crosby, The same man that once said that Presley "Never contributed a damn thing to music."

**Who said "He taught the white america how to get down." - James Brown

**Who said "I felt like I had a special relationship to Elvis Prelsey because he was from Mississippi - he was a poor white kid who sang with a lot of soul. He was my favorite." - Former President Bill Clinton.

**Who said "Before Elvis there was nothing. If it hadn't been for Elvis, there would not have been The Beatles." - John Lennon

**Who said "Nothing will ever take the place of that guy." - Bruce Springsteen

**Who said "When I first met Elvis he had a million dollars worth of talent. Now he has a million dollars." - Colonel Tom Parker

**Who said "I introduced Elvis on my television show. I never thought of him as controversial. Everyone else did. But me, a guy who wore dresses? I didn't get all shook up over trivial things." - Milton Berle

**Who said "Ed Sullivan tried to hog all the credit for everything. I put Elvis Presley on T.V. before he did. I introduced him on my Stage Show. I always had a great eye for talent." - Jackie Gleason , who once said "He can't last" - referring to Elvis.

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