Glen Frey - You Belong To The City

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Midi playing "You Belong To The City" by Glen Frey. To download midi click on title.DO NOT directly link to this file. When in doubt view the TERMS OF USE

The sun goes down
The night rolls in
You can feel it starting all over again
The moon comes up
And the music calls
You're getting tired of staring at the same four walls
You're out of your room
And down on the street
You can feel the crowds through the midnight heat
The traffic roars
And the sirens scream
You look at the faces, its just like a dream
You don't know where you're going
You don't care where you've been
'Cause you belong to the city
You belong to the night
living in a river of darkness, beneath the neon light
You belong to the city
you belong to the street
Its in your moves, its in your blood
You're a man of the street
When you said goodbye
You were on the run
Tryin' to get away from the things you'd done
Now you're back again
And you're feeling strange
So much has happened, but nothing has changed
You still don't know where you're going
Nobody cares where you've been
'Cause you belong to the city...
You can see it
You can face it
You can feel it
You can taste it
You can hear it
You're getting near it
You're gonna make it
'Cause you can take it.
You belong to the city (etc. to fade out)

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