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Welcome to Feeling Nostalgic's - Awards I Present page. If you should know of a site or have a site that you feel is worthy of the awards that I present please send me the url, your e-mail address, your age and a brief description of your site. I will then visit the site and make my decision. I usually make awards specifically for the site that I have visited. In order to receive an award from my site, I must send it to you.

Now for the criteria.

  • If you have music on your site please have a way for the visitor to turn it off.
  • Do not apply for an award if your site contains any pornography or racism.
  • Do have a page where the awards you are presented with are posted.
  • Do not have any "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" signs. All websites are always under construction.
  • Do have valid contact links on all pages as well as copyright information.
  • Do not have a site containing nothing but links to other sites.
  • Do agree to link the award (should you receive it) back to
  • Do not have more then 2 pop-ups or ads. (I understand that a site owner has no control over this if they are using free hosting. However, I find the pop-ups and ads to be annoying and will immediately exit a site once they start popping up every where - I will take your site into consideration if you let me know in your email award application that your site contains excessive pop-ups/ads ............ It's the fair thing to do).
  • Do have a site map (a page which contains links to all of the pages with in your site).
  • Do not have excessively poor grammar or spelling.
  • There is no need for you to sign my Guest book in order to apply for an award.
  • Are you over the age of eighteen (18)? To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA I will not accept any applications for awards or list any web site created from any child under the age of 18. Please Read COPPA for further details about this law.

To view the sites that have been presented with a Feeling Nostalgic??? Award visit the following URL:

Feeling Nostalgic??? Award Recipient List

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