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Let's take some time to reflect on an era when adults felt like Rock n' Roll was corrupting their children. The days of the Soda Shop, Drive Inns, Sock Hops and Good Ol' Rock n' Roll.

Remember the cars from that era??? They were beauties. There is no car today made like the cars from back then.

How about the dances that were out at that time? The Twist, The Lindy, The Mashed Potatoe, The Watusi, The Peppermint Twist and let's not forget The Stroll.

 How about the artists and the songs that they made famous ........... Click on a title for a real flashback

Elvis Presley (Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock & Love Me Tender)
The Angels (Glory Of Love & My Boyfriend's Back)
Ritchie Valens (Donna & La Bamba), The Devotions (Rip Van Winkle),
Frankie Lymon (Why Do Fools Fall In Love), The Coasters (Charlie Brown),
Little Anthony & The Imperials (Tears On My Pillow), The Drifters (Under The Boardwalk & There Goes My Baby), Lee Andrews & The Hearts (Long, Lonely Nights), The Crest (Sixteen Candles),  The Cadillacs (Speedo), Joey Dee & The Starliters (Peppermint Twist), The Dovells (The Bristol Stomp),
Bobbie Freeman (Do You Wanna Dance), The Monotones (Book Of Love), The Nutmegs (Story Untold), The Turbans (When You Dance), The Five Satins (In The Still Of The Night), Dion & The Belmonts (The Wanderer & Runaround Sue), The Silhouettes (Get A Job), The Cleftones (Heart & Soul),
Buddy Knox (Party Doll), The Edsels (Rama Lama Ding Dong), The Tune Weavers (Happy Happy Birthday Baby), The Dubs (Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely), The Eldorados (At My Front Door), Bobby Lewis (Tossin' & Turnin'), Maurice Williams (Stay), Billy Bland (Let The Little Girl Dance), Bobby Darin (Splish Splash), The Penguins (Earth Angel), The Rays (Silhouettes), The Cadets (Stranded In The Jungle), The Platters (Twilight Time), Mary Wells (My Guy), Millie Small (My Boy Lollipop), The Clovers (Devil Or Angel), The Safaris (Image Of A Girl), The Skyliners (This I Swear), Gary (US) Bonds (Quarter To Three), Gene Chandler (Duke Of Earl), The Teen Queens (Eddie My Love), The Dell-Vikings (Come Go With Me), Frankie Ford (Sea Cruise),  The Elegants (Little Star),  Bobby Day (Rockin' Robin), Shep & The Limelites (Daddy's Home), Leslie Gore (It's My Party & Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows), The Ronettes (Be My Baby), The Everly Brothers (Bye Bye Love), The Righteous Brothers (Unchained Melody & You've Lost That Loving Feeling), Jimmy Rodgers (Secretly & Kisses Sweeter Than Wine), Bobby Darin (Somebody To Love), The Moonglows (Sincerely), Mickey & Sylvia (Love Is Strange)

How about the people that were idolized during that era ........ And still are until this day. Click on a photo to visit pages dedicated to them.

How about the style of clothing???

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Those were the Good ol' days. For all those adults who pre-judged Rock n' Roll so quickly back then, I say "It's still alive after all these years. Today's bands and groups are remaking songs from back then. That must tell you something."
For those of you that grew up during the above mentioned era, I envy you. As the old saying goes history always repeats itself. I hope to be around when the 50's era resurfaces.  

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