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February 8th, 1931 - September 30th, 1955

Mildred Wilson and Winton Dean married on July 26th, 1930. Mildred was three months pregnant. James Byron Dean was born on February 8th, 1931 in Marion, Indiana. He was not born in a hospital, he was born at home. In 1940 Mildred Dean passed away from cancer. James was sent to live with his Aunt & Uncle. While living with his Aunt & Uncle he attended school. James was active in sports and enjoyed acting. 

Although James Dean led a short life he made ten movies, three in which he starred in. They are listed below........
East Of Eden - 1955 - James Dean's first starring role. The only movie he saw released. Julie Harris was also in this movie
Rebel With Out A Cause - 1955 - My personal favorite. Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo & Dennis Hopper were also in this movie. 

Giant - 1956 - James Dean passed away before this movie was completed. Also in this movie: Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Dennis Hopper & Sal Mineo 

Other movies James Dean performed in...............

Has Anybody Seen My Girl - Also in this movie: Rock Hudson

I Am A Fool - Also in this movie: Natalie Wood

Woman Of Trachis - Also in this movie: Julie Harris & Eli Wallach

Trouble Along The Way - Also in this movie: Donna Reed

Sailor Beware - Also in this movie: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

The Dark, Dark Hours - Also in this movie: Ronald Reagan

The Immoralist - Also in this movie: Geraldine Page & Louis Jourdan

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On September 30th, 1955 James Dean was killed in a tragic accident. His Porche Spyder 550 collided with another car at an intersection in California. James Dean died on impact.

This is my page in tribute to a Hollywood Legend whose life ended to abruptly 

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