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September 11th, 2001 .......... A day that no one will ever forget. What started out as a normal day in New York City turned into a day that will go down in history. Innocent people arriving to work at the World Trade Center. Most getting settled in to start their days work. When disaster strikes. One plane hits tower one of the World Trade Center and shortly after another plane flies deliberately into tower two of the World Trade Center. There was no warning. Those poor people had no idea what hit them. Thank God many were able to escape. For those that were unable to escape, my thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends & aquaintances.

A tragedy such as this makes a person ask themselves why? Who would do this? What were they thinking? How could someone be so malicious? I wish I had the answers to these questions and many more however, I do not.

Our President addressed our Nation and clearly referred to the person/people responsible as "It" ............... "It is a faceless coward". I agree with his choice of words because any thing that could do such a thing is an "IT". To target buildings at a time when it is known to be filled with people. To target New York City at a time when most people are arriving to work at those buildings. I can not stress enough that these were innocent people. I know that we all know that yet I can not say it enough.

Besides guiding two planes into the Twin Towers a plane was also delibrately flown into the Pentagon. Then another plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Where more innocent people were. So many lives were lost and so many lives have been affected by this tragedy.

People working in different areas with in New York City sat in offices listening to radios. People that were home heard the news on the television. No matter where they were people with in the New York City area heard about the tragedy just as well as the entire United States.

To all of those who have lost family members & friends to this tragedy, to all those that are still waiting to hear about a relative, friend or aquaintance that happened to be in either of these buildings or on either of the planes my thoughts, prayers & my heart goes out to you.

As we remember it.

When disaster strikes.

As they collapse.

The aftermath.

More aftermath.

This picture says more then words can express. Through all of this our flag still hangs & waves with pride.

As a New Yorker I have a request. All of the men and women aiding in the search and rescue need supplies ........ especially construction worker gloves and shovels. Even if you can only donate one shovel please do so. Every glove & shovel matters. The more gloves & shovels the more hands at work trying to save our fellow man/woman.


A poem for the Weeped
By : Shawn Matthew

We lost so many, So many have died :
For Innocence, Didn't prevail, So Today I ask why :

Why such a Heinous crime have had to happen :
Why take away so many, And leave us their Asking :

For all the kids whom lost a Mom or even a dad :
Please don't feel sad, They are not gone, Just away :

For all the Parents whom lost a Child :
The Wrong do'ers will be Punished for a crime so Vile :

I weep for all whom lost a Love :
And I pray for you all To the Man above :

To give to you the ability to stay strong :
To Stand by you, For what has happend was wrong :

I Give to you Faith, In the power of love :
To Carry you now, And forever with a hug :
I Pray for better days, Still to come :

And now day two has arrived, I pray to you to always Strive :
To Open Up your eyes, And the Weeped ones will always stay alive :

I'll let my last words go for the ones that have passed on:
I'm sorry, Your loved, Your missed, and you'll be loved forever and beyond.
Please every one stay strong.

By Shawn Matthew

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